Monday, December 17, 2012

Three Men at the Wall

Nineteen boys had found a town
But none could enter in.
Perhaps too young, the boys were told
To "come back as grown men."

Twelve feet high, cemented sky
No soul could overlook
These solid walls were built so tall
By Words from that great Book.

"Let's go back home, let's sleep a while
Until we're old and tall.
And maybe when we come back then,
They'll let us past that wall."

So sixteen left along their way
With a lie inside their minds:
That manhood simply happens
By the passing of the time.

But try they did, the three who stayed,
These boys did try again.
Their child-like faith kept telling them
That they should not give in.

Their yearn for knowledge yet unknown
Beyond these sturdy walls,
No matter all the times they failed,
The boys kept standing tall.

Three years now passed
But unaware those days had slipped so fast,
One bright and fine and hopeful day
These boys – they finally passed

The roadblock that had tested them
And inflicted so much pain.
But on the other side, the boys now realized
They had changed.

Mature and strong, wise and bold,
Men they had become
From persistently pursuing
The very challenge they begun.

Now sixteen came, impatient boys
No different from the past
Older, taller, lazier
But nothing more than that.

"You cannot pass, you cannot pass,"
The gateman spat again,
"Please, little boys, why don't you come back
When you are grown men."

Confused and angry all these boys,
But what else could they do?
But sadly turn back home to where
"To wait" was all they knew.

Beyond these walls, I'm not allowed
To share what's hidden there.
For that is only known to men
Who’ve actually traveled there.

But one thing I assure you,
Those three were satisfied
For they had not believed in lazy, childish, boy-made lies.

This town it still exists.
I cannot tell you where.
But if you truly seek it first,
I'll probably see you there.


This was a guest post by Peter Choi! Peter and his friends founded "The Weekend Press
to inspire individuals to follow their dreams and encourage creativity. Check it out!


  1. I really like this - it resonates with me. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment Chris! Peter nailed this post and was honored to have it featured on the blog.

  2. A challenge, a warning and an inspiration.