Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Priority Challenge!

A big part of spiritual maturity is consistency and consistency requires discipline. Recently I have run into some brothers in Christ that have been struggling. By struggling, I mean they just can't get their thoughts straight and are lacking discipline in their daily walk. The issues can stem from current situations, past struggles, or the daily events of their world getting in the way. At first, I didn't know how to approach this issue. What do they mean they don't have time to focus on God? How can they be so consistent in worldly things, but have no time or interest in the things from the Father? I prayed about it for awhile and thought back to the time I was struggling with my thoughts and so much more. Then I remembered my TOP TEN list. This was a list I developed over the course of a few months on my path to spiritual maturity. I made it because my priorities in life were not in order. To be honest, I probably could not have even named off ten items at the time. I was buried in a deep hole of depression and past struggle and I knew I needed a change.

This is not a post to make you comment or reflect on something. This is a post to challenge you! It comes down to a simple question that demands answers "What are your top ten priorities in life?" Simple right? I know you can probably think of a couple to get you started, but don't take the easy route with this one. Don't fake your answers. Don't fluff up your answers and write what should be your priorities; get real with yourself and be honest. These things are most likely what you think about most in the day. These are things that must be very important to you. Part of the challenge is that you have to write the answers down! Once you have your Top Ten list established, than come up with your "why" for each point. Why are these things important to you? Why do they take up so much time in your life? The beauty of this process is honesty. The list will show you who you are in the background and what the result is when people see or encounter you.

Once you have the list and you have your reasons. Share them with somebody. Tell the person about the list and just have them listen to you. No commentary. No strange looks. No opinions. This is a crucial part of the process. This part will make you formulate the ideas into words. You will most likely say more than what you wrote down. This could be the part of the process where you can finally understand why it's so important or you can realize how futile it really is. You'll find things of importance bundling up. Relationships? Goals? Struggles? After the process is through; you'll have learned quite a bit about yourself. You'll know where you need to make changes or you'll know what's right where it is suppose to be. Clarity. You'll see if your life is reflecting the life God intended for you or if you're living for yourself. 

List your Top Ten priorities in life.
Write down the details of why they are a priority.
Share them with someone.
Make necessary changes or Stay put. You'll know.

If you do the challenge. Come back and share your thoughts 
or just share your thoughts on the idea.

don't have time? Priorities...

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