Thursday, August 23, 2012

Manturity TOP TEN

I can't believe it, but Manturity is over a year old! Manturity was a crazy idea God showed me a year ago and it has shown and taught me things I would have never imagined. God took me through the darkest times in my life so that I could see the brighter side and also show people the brighter side of life. As I started to break free from the chains of my past, God started revealing to me a new way of life; a new set of standards that I was to live by each day. As they came to me, I wrote them down on two index cards. They were not anything fancy, but they were my new start; my new habits; my new life. Here they are listed below.

 1) Form Good Habits!

 2) What is your influence?

 3) How do you spend your time?

 4) Do you 'Feed the Machine'? (a song from the band 'RED')

 5) Careful not too judge.

6) It's NOT about YOU!

7) Give God your First.

8) What is your purpose?

9) Complaining is the opposite of Faith.


These are some of the ways I stay in line with God's path. 
What are some of yours?

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