Sunday, August 19, 2012

Firmly Planted...still

As it's been over two months since I last posted on Manturity, I can say I am still firmly planted. The timing of my absence has been mainly due to three things: wife, work and remodel. I'll give a brief background before I start back into the swing of things...

Work. I work in the commercial construction field, and to say the least, it can become very busy sometimes; most of the time it is at the end of the project. We were behind schedule due to issues earlier in the project and crunch time arrived about two months ago which meant long hours, intense problem solving and even longer meetings. It required my full attention on a daily basis and most of my weekends too. I would go home exhausted at night and my mind would be, well, blank. My wife would receive the rest of my energy and off to bed I would go. Thankfully, the job was completed with great success and the owners have moved in and are very happy with the building. I don't tell you this to boast or complain, but only to give a background on my absence.

The second and more important reason is that my wife and I are HAVING A BABY! We found out a few months ago now and are very excited. This will be our first child, and it has been a whirlwind of telling friends, setting up registries, celebrating with families and of course assisting my wife with whatever I can to keep her happy and comfortable. We were not exactly planning on having a child now, but after six years of marriage, we knew the time was approaching quickly. We will find out if it is a boy or girl next month and I'm sure some of my posts to come will be related to the baby and Fatherhood.

And finally, the remodel. As if we were not busy enough, my wife and I decided to remodel our kitchen and, well, most of the downstairs of our house. We have also been here about 6 years and decided it was time to make a few changes. The timing is actually great, because I don't think I'll have much time to work on things once the baby is born. Among some of the changes are; removing and painting the kitchen cabinets; removing the carpet and replacing with laminate flooring; and, now, soon to come will be the babies room.

Well, I hope I haven't bored you and thank you for respecting my absence over the last few months. I look forward to getting back to reading your posts and hearing you share your thoughts on my posts. I am still firmly planted in Christ and in his quest of building Manturity.


  1. I was wondering about you; thanks for the update. Congratulations on becoming a father soon! Now if you'd just get rid of word verification!

    1. Thank you! What do you mean by 'word verification'?

  2. Congratulations on the coming child. It will change your world.

    "Word verification" is the hoop we have to jump through to leave a comment. On one blog I tried three times and still could not figure out what they wanted me to enter, so I gave up. It can be turned off in the blogger set-up somewhere.

    Grace and peace.

    1. Thank you! And thank you for the info on word verification. I had no idea :)