Monday, January 28, 2013

Facing Manhood

It wasn't the most comfortable seat,
but I suppose it wasn't suppose to be.
My feet wrapped solidly around the rails,
my heart was hoping not to fail.

One side short,
the other long.
One side right, 
the other wrong.

I sat atop this lonely fence,
fighting back the fear.
Wondering which side I'd choose,
or whether I'll stay right here.

Courage. Fear. Courage. Fear,
I battled back and forth in mind.
Is this the moment to become a man,
is this the place and time.

A short jump means the same old thing,
a long jump means I'll change.
A short jump meets a cowardice boy,
a long jump meets a man.

I gripped the fence with mighty strength,
and closed my eyes with hope.
I prayed that God would lose a boy,
and gain a man in slope.

With one last look my hands released,
I felt the winter air.
The easy side was long far gone,
and I faced the man I dared.

What lay down here I can not know,
but the journey will be hard.
Rest assured that God is near,
in every step and every yard.

The choice is yours to face the fear,
and test your strength head on.
For courage always will prevail,
and God's protection will shine on.


Check out this other great poem by Peter Choi, "Three Men at the Wall".

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