Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TOP TEN Posts of 2012

Before going too far, I want to just say "Thank You"! This was the first full year for the Manturity Blog and God blessed it with great success. I want to thank all of the faithful followers, the new followers, the comments, the contributions and the occasional criticism. All of those things make the blog better and stronger. I have some great ideas for 2013, and always look forward to what God has planned. Until then, here is the rundown of the TOP TEN POSTS of 2012. This is based on overall views. Check one out if you missed it! Thank you!

This was the first post of five posts in the "A HUSBAND" series. 
A deeper version of this post is planned for 2013.

This is post about how my personal walk with Christ really began. 
It's all about putting yourself on the tracks...

This post is about the role of a husband in the marriage.
It was written about my experience and should be a challenge to every man.

This was the first post in the Maintenance Man Series earlier this year.
A man must be Willing, Open and learn Dependency...

This post is about how the enemy is always on the attack.
A husband must be aware of this and fight back!

You are not a child, so don't think like one anymore. Be a man!
You are to Love, Protect and Serve.

This was a guest post by my good friend Ryan E.
Through a tough line of events, God shows him true Grace. Check out the Series!

This was, again, a guest post by Ryan E.
This post asked hard questions and more about this years Presidential election. 

I had the pleasure of meeting author Jody Burkeen this year from Man Up God's Way.
Check out my review of his great book!

This was a guest post by a good friend Matt C.
Through many struggles, God shows him that real hope can only come from the Father.

What was your favorite post of 2012?
What would you like to see more of in 2013?

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