Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Would God Choose?

In order to allow God to choose, you must first ask..

Last week Chelsea , my wife, and I went on vacation for the week. It was a great and wonderful vacation! We stayed at a resort in the mountains, explored the area and had our fifth Wedding Anniversary!

There was something different about this vacation though. Instead of resting from God while we were away, we rested in God. Sometimes we can make our time with God part of our normal habits, to where it almost feels like work. So when we go on vacation, we do not visit Him because it is associated with work.
But what if you find rest in God? What if on vacation, you allow Him to choose where you go and what you do? I really didn't have this concept in mind when we went on vacation, but I knew I did not want to leave God out. So how did He choose for us? We asked or prayed each day that God would show us what He had planned for us and asked what He might have for us do.  Psalms 37:4 says 'Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your Heart.'
So we had a mock schedule for the week, but no definite plans for each day. So we asked God to help show us the path, or show us our desires. I can honestly say that each day was something new! Different adventures and opportunities to relax. Decisions were made easily and we had a great time everywhere we went.
God will truly show you the desires of your heart, if you ask with an honest heart. God provided us with amazing accommodations, quality time together and a place to find rest in Him.

My challenge would be for you to do the same. This does not have to just be on vacation either, it could be each day. But if you do find yourself on vacation, invite God into your time and see what amazing things just might be in store for you!


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