Saturday, August 13, 2011

Talking to God

As I have continued to mature in my spiritual walk, I have grown in my style of prayer. When I use to pray, I thought it had to be formal and in solitude. I thought this was the only way to talk to God, and I thought it had to be about only important things. I would pray or think of God when tough situations happen in life.  How often do you see on Facebook or hear from friends that they need prayer for a loved one because they are sick or in the hospital. The next day they are doing or saying things that should not be said or done if someone is praying. How could we expect God to answer a prayer if we never visit him any other time? It would be like asking a “friend” for help all the time and never just hanging out to have fun. Ultimately, there is no relationship built up. Praying to God can be treated like talking to a friend. It doesn’t have to be only in the bad times or when we eat. How about those two examples of bad habits! Praying when something is wrong, or praying God will bless this food to your body. We might as well be wishing our sick ones farewell and have our food wonder why were talking about it. Its all dead space, it goes no where. Praying goes beyond those things and becomes a walking, talking relationship with God.
How do you get an idea or a need across to a friend? You communicate with them! How do we get an idea, thought or idea across to God? You communicate with Him. We have to ask God to help us, we have invite Him into our lives and our situations. God can help us in so many amazing ways, but we have to ask him. This concept is widely misunderstood, I know it was for me. God desires for us to come to Him with our needs and our thanks. And we were made to desire Him!
So Pray!