Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beyond Me

I know what your thinking, this term is used mostly when not understanding something or used instead of confusion. But the saying came to me the other day and it had another meaning. It was not related to confusion at all, but more about clarity. When someone says 'beyond me', they are referring to something that is beyond their knowledge or above their understanding. In a sense they are confused in the situation they are in or are currently watching.

This time was different though, it was related to complete understanding. I have begun to realize that in order to not be confused, I have to see beyond myself. In other words, I have to see 'beyond me'. I have to understand that I don't have control over anything and that I can do nothing by myself. Who gave me life, who gave me insight, who showed me love? It wasn't me. I did not reveal these things to myself, but rather they were revealed to me. Before I even saw beyond myself, I was being shown what to do.

Beyond me can be more easily stated as 'selflessness'. The removing of ourselves, our control, our own desires from the equation. We start to give ourselves over to other people or places that are in true need. These people are still using the term 'beyond me', in the way the world has made it popular.
But we must get past the world and go to God. We must go beyond ourselves and discover the path that God would have us take.

We must. We must.

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