Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Power of Nature

In light of all the preparations for 9/11 and of course the giant Hurricane Irene coming up the east coast.
Who would have thought an earthquake was on the horizon? The answer: No one on Earth.

Right before the earthquake hit, I was walking my job site. I was reviewing the building, and seeing what preparations need to be made for the hurricane. Material needs to be covered and tools need to be stored or strapped down. As much as we think we can prepare for the hurricane, we have no idea how much of a punch it has in store for us. About 10 minutes later, the earthquake hit. A rare east coast quake that gave millions of people an unexpected jolt. In perspective, the jolt that hit Japan was about 60,000 times stronger. We should all consider ourselves blessed. Things like these hurricanes and earthquakes makes us wonder how much control we really have...

Conclusion? We have no control. As much as we try to control our lives and dictate what happens. We never, really, know what is around the corner. From the simple everyday things, to the power of nature below and around us. Hurricanes can be forecasted, but we have no control over the power or direction. The wrath that it holds is in question until it gets to its destination. An earthquake gives us no warning at all. We are at the mercy of the earth and its raw power. All of these events should be a reminder to us all to wake up. If these events are even a glimpse of the power that God holds. We are all in for something beyond imagination and certainly beyond our control. These are but the birth pains.


  1. I thought it was interesting that the end times got mentioned even by some of the mainstream media this time.

  2. I stepped over from Georges Grouse. I will bookmark your site and stop by again.

    Your sentence, "Hurricanes can be forecasted, but we have no control over the power or direction." Hit me as a great point for our lives and why we study the Word.

    Grace and peace.

  3. Thank you both for commenting! Its amazing how Gods creation can parallel with our lives. End times or not, these certainly are some crazy times!