Friday, August 5, 2011

'The True Measure of a Man'

I recently completed reading a book titled, 'The True Measure of a Man'. The author of the book is Richard E. Simmons III. I had found out about this book when reading reviews for a book titled 'Wild at Heart.' This is in fact another great read that I will review another time. This was a great book and is a must read for every man! Many of the recent posts on the 'Manturity' Facebook Page have been quotes from the book. The book explores the many issues that men go through in today's world. Chapters talk about a man's identity, a man's courage and a man's truth. How men compare themselves to other men and are never content with what they have or with their current status. If men are never happy with their current situation, then they will never be content. The book has many other books incorporated into it and there is a list of them all at the end. The book is only 132 pages, it is not overwhelming or huge. Do yourself a favor and take some time to read this book. If you have read it, leave a comment below or on the Facebook page. Thanks!

Other Reviews:

"This book is for every man of every faith or no faith at all. He'll learn why he doesn't have to live with the guilt, insecurity, and fear that most men experience but often pretend they don't." Fred Barnes

"This book provides answers to men's deepest questions and helps them understand what they are feeling as they go through the storms of life. He points us to a life of contentment that can only be found in the Lord. I believe every man should read this book." Pat Sullivan

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  1. I think the book has some good ideas, but it takes some key verses and misuses them by encouraging unbelievers to rely on promises and truths that only apply to believers, such as p.35 Eph 2:10, p.65 Ro 8:28 and p.112 Jer 29:11. Thus, in light of the book's lack of fidelity to Scripture, and its failure to reflect a sound understanding of the Gospel, I cannot endorse it. In fact, an unbelieving male relative of mine loved it - I assume due to the application of the wonderful promises of God to him as set out in the book even though he is outside of Jesus Christ.