Monday, May 20, 2013

The Road to Redemption

Standing there at the pew Sunday morning,
My hands firmly grasping the seat in front of me.
The Pastor calls an alter call;
I knew he was speaking to me.
I knew God was calling me.

My mind was angry from my recent sins.
My recent self inflicted complacency.
Images arose in me of lust,
Extreme judgments and selfishness.
I knew this call was required.
I knew this was what my heart needed.
I needed to seek forgiveness,
To be redeemed.

Minutes pass and my grip increases.
I must go up front, I must.
With my knuckles looking white;
I finally released my grip and took the first step.
Down the row and into the aisle,
My steps felt long and heavy.
My mind said everyone was staring at me.
A lie said everyone was judging me.
This was my own reflection;
My very own guilt.

At the front and at the alter,
At my greatest moment,
My knees began to shake.
They bent as I fell to the ground.
My back felt heavy,
It, as well, went down to the ground.
All the mistakes and all the pain;
I find myself here.
Now what?

I began to seek God,
To ask for His forgiveness.
Ask for his hand of direction.
I felt hands being placed on me;
I felt the prayers of others.
As I continued to pray,
People understood.
People cared.
God forgave.
Are you?


  1. Well written! It really captures the story. The altar call is very familiar from my past, but I cannot recommend it as a regular practice, and I once was an altar counseling instructor.

    Altar calls are usually given after an emotional appeal and tend to connect spirituality with emotion. The problem is that connection with God is then too often seen in the context of great emotion. This is a hold-over from the frontier revivals of the early 1800s.

    Solitary prayer, or prayer and counseling from another, or even perhaps a prayer room would be better I think.

    1. Thanks for the great comment! I agree that the alter is effective, but can see how a more private setting would be beneficial as well. Thanks for sharing.