Monday, May 6, 2013

A Letter To A Young Man

Dear Young Man,

I've seen you in Church a few times and thought you looked like someone new. I've also seen you at the entrance to the Church, making your way through the crowd and heading to your safe seat location or the other times I would see you throwing out some handshakes to a few men. All of those times you have been alone. With never taking the chance to speak to you, I felt compelled or almost called from the Lord to write you a letter. Trust me when I say this is not my normal pattern, but I've learned to listen when God speaks.

From my occasional glances around the Church crowd, I could tell that you were a man interested in what the preacher was speaking about each day. Clearly much younger than me, I can't help but think of myself when I was younger. To be honest, I probably would not have come to Church and I know I would not have looked as interested. If I was there, I was only there in the physical as my heart was never really in the whole Church thing.

OK, before I lose you and you start wondering why some dude has been watching you, I wanted to challenge you with a few things. I have been through those late teens and early twenties and can remember my cold and hard mind set. I tried to come across strong and confident, but could be broken easily. I was able to fight through many battles to get to where I am today, so hear me out.

My Question: Why do you come come to Church?
In my younger days I mainly went to Church because I simply had to. My earlier years consisted of my parents making me go, my times after that were related to my girlfriend going and the other times I would go out of guilt or a bad conscience. More recently after my marriage, I would go out of duty to my wife. Rarely did I ever go on my own, and those are times and years that I dearly regret. So I ask again, why do you go?

After years of knowing about Christ, the Church and his teachings; it took a thorough beating to get me to truly believe. It took years of struggle to finally believe in the old Bible stories, the amazing people and of course the life of Jesus Christ. I suppose my path in life let me get to this point, but I can't help wonder if things would have been better or different if I would have received a letter like this or if a man of maturity and respect would have grabbed me and shared his life story with me. I like to think I would have listened to him,  but I was very capable of putting on the "good show" without truly living the right life. Confidence is good, but life experience is hard to beat or deny. Again, why do you go?

My Opinion: Why go?
We are all traveling on a path; some paths are easier and some are harder. My suggestion is to stop wondering if Christ is there for you and ACCEPT that he is real and he is there for you. Church is a place of worship, of prayer, of relationship and so much more. Don't just go because you have to or feel guilty. Go because you want to learn! Go because you want to grow spiritually! Say a prayer while you're there for God to speak to you in amazing ways. Take the initiative now and get involved with other wonderful people from the Church. Meet someone new each time you are there.

You'll meet people that are kind and loving.
You'll meet brothers that are going through similar issues.
You could meet the woman of your dreams.
You could meet a best friend.
You could meet Christ and live a fulfilling life, for the rest of your life.

My friend, I pray that this letter meets you with a good heart. All of us together make a family and make the Church. For this reason, I hope to call you my brother some day. What you do with the letter from here is up to you. There is no pressure. Write me back, say hello or just keep living. Keep living for Him!

It will be worth it. I promise.
Your Brother in Christ...

Do you know a man that might need a letter like this?
Have you ever taken the initiative 
with a brother you had not met before?
Share your thoughts or experience in the comments!


  1. Brian: Do you mind if someone who is old enough to be his mother and has been through the exact same thing you have, adds a few comments of her own?

    If you, like Brian and so many others, went to church most of your life because your parents made you go, and you hated it, there's a good reason. Chances are very good that you were badly taught. Sunday School and Youth Group taught you WHAT you should believe, but never WHY. Chances are they gave you no foundation, and it was inevitable that you got to the point you could see no reason to go. There's also a very good chance that you've been taught that you can't trust the history or the science of the Bible, not only in school, but even from the pulpit

    I also strongly advise you to join a church, and for many of the same reasons Brian did, but be advised that you will almost certainly have to go outside your church to find your foundation.

    May I suggest you start at At a bare basic, I'd suggest you start by ordering "The Lie," "Already Gone," and "The New Answers Book, 1, 2 and 3." Those will give you a solid foundation, that you most likely won't find in the church, because most pastors have not been trained in the foundations. It's not really their fault, per se, and you'll find out why in "Already Gone." is another invaluable resource.

    1. Marly, thank you for putting this comment and information up! This is exactly the kind of perspective this post needed. You are absolutely right on so many levels. We must strive to establish a strong foundation and the "why" in the younger generation. Thanks again!

  2. It's a good letter and true also. I've caught myself and age-mates "playing church" a few times. Often. But its slowly dawning on me how much good church really is. Also, the concept of church as a disconnected place we go every Sabbath and return to our daily grind later... Let's just say one should be able to take the worshiper out of the church (structure), but not the church (attitude) out of the worshiper.

    1. I love your last line! You should put that up on your social media if you have it. It is no doubt a challenge to keep Church in your week rather then just one morning of one day. Keep at it brother and thanks for the comment!