Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Are You Waiting For?

Why do you think, as men, we have such passion for the things we love to do?

Why do you think we have a drive that is sometimes unwavering and almost exhausting?

Why do you think God would make us the way we are?

Any thoughts? Any answers?

Sometimes I wonder why God calls me to do certain things that he would not have my wife, friends or even family do. I feel the power of his call deep within me and I have to respond. Like a good soldier; like a hard worker; like a faithful servant; I answer the call and move forward.

What if you don't answer the call? Is it something you just forget about or does God allow it to linger on your mind until you finally crack and do as you are told as mentioned above? God has his ways and he has amazing timing. Wait. Does God even have a time frame or a schedule for that matter. I tend to find myself using a line 'It's all in God's timing', but do you really find that to be true. Is it his timing or do we finally succumb to the call he has placed within our hearts? Does God work off time?

Can you remember when God worked out something great in your life? I can remember many times, even over the last few months where God made situations come to be. Maybe it was something you had been hoping or waiting for. Maybe it was something that you never expected, but when you received it or that 'special' something happened you know it had to be a gift from God.

How long will you question Him?
How long will you wait to finally find and discover Him?
What are you waiting for?

If God doesn't work off any time frame or zone, than the timing issue has obviously been placed in our busy hands. God's offer and truth is always there and always will be, but why do we keep checking the time or watching the clock tick the minutes away. Again, what are you waiting for? How much time do you spend on your bad habits, your tv shows, your false relationships with friends or something more. The thing that your searching can only be found... in God. Still waiting?

God warns us that He will come quickly and without warning. He offers us true life and a real love that we'll never experience here on this earth. Not with our family, not with any friends and not even with our spouse. The whole idea of love was made by God. If we are capable of believing and understanding that last idea mentioned, than your time and relationships will be so much more fruitful and meaningful. So you have to ask yourself the same questions I had to ask myself....

What am I waiting for?
What is holding me back?
What am I afraid of?

Start with these questions and begin your journey of finding the answers. Research it if you have to, ask for help if you want to, but don't go another day without giving your heart over to God and start experiencing the life you meant to always have. Don't delay.


  1. I have given my life over to God and I pray daily for what I need to do but I don't live in fear, I live in love. :) Heavenly Father loves us and He wants us to be happy and inspired so that we can shine this to other people;) Thank you for your post<3

    1. Launna..Thank you for the comment. Great comment about not living in fear, but rather love.

  2. So as an atheist I ask myself these questions

    What am I waiting for? Nothing, never have. I have always had a drive to move forward. To experience life as it's fullest. I wait for no signs, for no fate, for no plan. Life. Gimme.
    What is holding me back? Like everyone I have the laws of physics and physical limitations. But other than that, my own fears. I try not to let those effect me too much. I think most of the time my desire overcomes my fears.
    What am I afraid of? Rejections, incapability, failure. Oh, and icicles Because those are just scary.

    1. Jamie, thanks for the comment. We all have our own beliefs and lifestyles. We all function in our own way. Otherwise known as 'free will'. I pray that life continues to go well for you. And yes, watch out for icicles.

  3. I believe that when God is with you. You don't have to fear because as what the church taught us Living with God is a paradise. With Him we are safe. Thanks for this one. You really inspired me. Let's spread the God's will.

    1. Thank you for sharing and I cant agree with you more.