Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Among The Living

As I sat in a graveyard the other day, I had the following thoughts....

As I sit among the dead, I can't help but think of the living. You wonder what their life was like, but you also wonder if they found the life they hoped for? What was the life they hoped for? What was the life they lived? We sit together now, but in different realms and in a different time. I know my fate is the same upon which I sit, but is that a bad thing? There's no fighting against death, but there is the life we have to fight for after death. The opportunity for who I sit among is gone, but mine is still alive and well. I live those opportunities everyday. The choices I make, the people I meet and love, the thoughts that stream through my mind. I know the end will come, but I want to be ready! I want to live, so that I may not die, but live more abundantly!

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