Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Review: 'The Resolution for Men'

Up for a real challenge? One that could change you for the rest of your life? Are you sure...?

The Resolution for Men is a new book that corresponds to the powerful movie 'Courageous'. Courageous can now be found on Blu Ray and DVD! In the movie, the men come together at the end to sign a Resolution. The Resolution is document in the film that outlines how a man is going to live his life from that point forward. Check out the document here. All of the men come together in a ceremony, agree and sign the Resolution. It is a way of life, an act of courage and a statement to everyone around you that you are different. And if you sign the Resolution with other men, they are your brothers that keep you accountable ( a way of Locking Shields ).

The Resolution for Men takes the document to the next level. There is a chapter for each point, corresponding verses and a challenge at the end of each chapter. The book starts off in true Kendrick brothers form by saying it is not for the weak. It goes on to say that you will be challenged; you will be brought out of your comfort zone and that sacrifices are going to have to be made. On the other side of that it says that the rewards will be great; the impact will be radical and it will be worth it all.

The book continues from there and gets into "why" we need a resolution. The need to get Fathers back and the priceless value they have in their children's lives. One of my favorite chapters early in the book talks about being a "chain breaker". This was a powerful message for me, as I had to make the courageous decision in my family line to break the chains of my past fathers. The way they had done it for years was just not working for me. I didn't feel fulfilled in life, in work and especially in my marriage. It just wasn't working. I finally gave over the chains to God and the weights of all the past mistakes from myself and before were lifted. From there it's a matter of consistency and discipline. It's a matter of figuring out how to live out the life of Christ and do it as a man should. This is where the Resolution plays a crucial role in a mans life. It's not just about saying you want to live a life for Christ, it's about truly living it out everyday! This will take more courage and strength than you have ever experienced, but this time around God is with you.

A quick over view of the chapters goes something like this: Resolve to lead your family, to love your wife, to bless your children, to live with honor, to demonstrate love, to reconcile with your past, to be faithful and to leave a legacy. The Resolution for Men is a powerful challenge for any man to embark upon, but it might just be the most rewarding experience you will ever have. 

I encourage every man to read this book 
and become a Man of Resolution!


  1. Good review. Haven't seen the movie (but plan to), and haven't even heard of the book until this review, but definitely want to read it now. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the comment! The movie is great but the book is the real challenge. Come back and post your own thoughts when you finish the book! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your review of The Men's Resolution. I'm currently writing one for the Women's Book for several blogs, and I was wondering - do you mind if I link it back to your blog if the readers want to hear about the Mens?

  4. Katie! Thanks for the comment. I sent an email to you in reply to your question.

  5. I was wandering through a local bookstore right before Christmas, and immediately bought this great book, (I have seen the movie about a dozen times). I read the first chapter in the bookstore, and the next three chapters on the plane going to see our children and 1st Grand-daughter for christmas. I ended up leaving the book with my son-in-law, and going out and purchasing a new one for me. this is a terrific book, wish I had this when my dad was still alive, hopefully we both could have been "chain breakers" together. Now I am working very hard to to do that for the both of us.

    1. Thanks for sharing! This was an awesome story. I loved the fact that you passed it on to your son-in-law. Men must take the initiative with their family and friends! Keep up the great work!