Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are Habits a Big Deal?

I have started to learn lately that habits are a very big deal. The definition of habit is as follows: an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. The last few words of the definition are pretty intense 'almost involuntary'. Meaning most of the habits we have we don't even think about or don't even realize it is a habit. So how can habits effect us as men in our daily walk?

Waking up and getting coffee, using certain shampoo, grabbing your keys from the same spot, getting your clothes from the same drawer for years and years. The longer we perform these things, the stronger habit they form in us. These are just the surface of some of the lighter habits we all have and form. They make our day go easier, they make us feel comfortable, and that could be a bad thing. We get so used to these routines that whenever something goes wrong we don't know what to do or how to react. The coffee machine did not work, the alarm did not go off, the car did not start. We MUST be careful of our habits or they will take advantage of us! We must be aware of our actions and be ready for the unexpected. We are never in control of our situations, and habits try to make the feel the opposite. "Why would anything go wrong, this is the way things always go". We can get trapped in the idea that we are free from unexpected circumstances, or will be out of harms way. These are all lies, only God will know what our future will hold. We must take our habits to God and ask him to help us break them and be more aware of them. We must make that the habit and we will be more prepared to handle our other habits.

In the posts to come, I will talk about habits more in depth and how they can affect our lives and our walk with God. Topics on ourselves, marriage, emotions and more.

What are some of your habits you have to be careful of, or what are some examples of Godly habits?

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