Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Man Up Leadership!

Have you heard of Man Up Leadership?

Man Up Leadership is an app for your phone or for your browser. The app was released at the beginning of this year and is growing quickly. What makes the app so great and effective? It consists of the four following categories:


The resources section contains powerful articles and videos that are written for men and by men. The Manturity Blog joins the ranks of Blog of Manly, My One Pursuit, FiveStarMan, Fearless Men and many more! The Challenges section is led by founders Josh and Tyler. The two men put out a new video every Monday that contains a serious challenge for all men to step up and accomplish! The Hurdles section is the heavy hitter on the app. Any man can write about whatever he is struggling with, needs advice about or if he needs some prayer support. 

As stated above, the Manturity Blog posts will now be featured in the Resources section on the app. It has been amazing to see how God has blessed the Blog since it's inception. This partnership is just another example of God showing me how faithful He is and continues to be. 

I would love to hear if you have downloaded the app and hear what you think about it. Do you agree that this could bring real change to the men of this culture or world? 

Click here to learn more about Man Up Leadership!

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