Friday, August 2, 2013

Manturity Spiritual Maturity Quotes Vol. 3

What is spiritual maturity and what are some ways to find it in our everyday life? One of the best ways to learn or teach yourself about something is to break it down into quotes. Volume 3 of original Manturity quotes is all about the topic of spiritual maturity. Take a few minutes to review them all and share one of your own in the comments at the end!

"The man climbing the ranks of spiritual maturity is the man who has realized he can't do life on his own. He needs God."

"Spiritual maturity is first a lifestyle and last a destination." 

"The spiritually mature man has an obvious deep respect and solid relationship with his father, our King!" 

"Spiritual maturity can be recognized when the man you are on Sunday morning is the same man Saturday night."

"Growing in spiritual maturity is accomplished by continued growth in the Spirit of God!"

"Spiritual maturity is not a race or a marathon. It is a journey that will take us to our final and eternal destination."

"Spiritual maturity starts with the demolition of old habits and the construction of new ones."

"Spiritual maturity teaches a man to never justify his decisions based on other peoples actions, instead he should test all things before God."

"Struggles will always be a part a part of life and a good test of our spiritual maturity. It is in those times that we must earnestly seek and trust God, not blame Him."

"The spiritually immature man is inconsistent in what and why he believes. Maturity will establish the spirit of consistency, the desire to gain knowledge and a real relationship with Christ!"

Share your own quote in the comments or which one was your favorite. Share on your social media and check out Volume 1 and 2!

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