Monday, April 8, 2013


Being young doesn't make you invincible.

Being old doesn't make you mature.

Being a man doesn't make you stronger.

The enemy knows you better then you think. In fact the Enemy knows you so well because he knows your father, he knows your Grandfather, he knows your Great Grandfather and he knows your Great-Great Grandfather. Get the idea?

It does not matter how young you are, how smart you think you are, how mature you think you are, how strong you think you are; he still knows you better then you could ever imagine. Don't think you can outsmart someone who has so much to work from in the past.

Evil is his game. 

Confusion is his poison.

Regret is his satisfaction.

Are you ready for him?

Where should you be ready? Well he likes to show up when your getting you're morning coffee, clothed in long blonde hair and tight pants. He knows from experience that this similar type of woman made your Grandfather fall, so he moves in and tries the same tactics with you. He just sits back and watches. Are you ready? Are you strong enough?

Where should you expect it? He loves to show up as an innocent link on your computer. He knows all to well that you are attempting to become a PURE man and he wants to try to win you back with a "subtle" hint or that first look. It's worked on you before, why wouldn't it work again. Were you expecting it? Were you ready for it?

Where could he blindside you? Your marriage seems to be going great when out of nowhere things start to go a little crazy. The money is tight, the trust just isn't there, or you said something unloving without even knowing it. He knows how well these situations have worked and destroyed many marriages and sits back with an evil grin hoping it will also destroy your marriage. Is your marriage strong enough to handle something like this? Is it ready?

TAKE A STAND! Again, never be overly confident and think, "This stuff will never happen to me". The enemy has his ways, many ways, and he has most likely already used them on you. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't; but either way he is lurking and waiting to attack. He knows about every man from previous generations, he knows the men in your family and he knows you. This is your warning! Be Ready!

"Like a lion in cover he lies in wait. 
He lies in wait to catch the helpless; 
he catches the helpless and drags them off in his net." 
-Psalm 10:9


  1. Amen. I am taking a stand! I cleared the room and asked my wife if she is committed to fight for this marriage with me! Thankful the Lord graced me a receptive heart to join the battle! Our communication has been ignited like never before. A answer to prayer.
    Thank you for the encouragement and filling my mental tool box up!

    1. Jeff, this is awesome to hear. I love hearing the power of God taking over in a struggling marriage. Keep up the "stand" brother!