Monday, January 2, 2012

Maintenance Man: The Series

2011 was an amazing year for myself. February was the month that changed everything, it was the climax of events and it was the month that I said no more. I finally gave Christ everything I had and started out fresh. As hard as some of those events were, they taught me so many things. The power of the enemy, the work he is up to in our lives on a daily basis, and the strength we need to find in order to take out his army of attacks. As I pursued Christ more and more, I needed a way to maintain my walk. I needed a way to challenge myself. Manturity was created in July of 2011 and has been running strong ever since.

As I finished out my blog posts for last year, I put a large emphasis on perseverance and consistency. I related it to New Years resolutions and the daily battles we face while trying to accomplish those goals. During this time period, God brought up some great ideas for future postings. Some were just random post ideas and others were more involved. The one I chose to start out this new year is titled "Maintenance Man: The Series."

What doesn't need maintenance? Anything? Everything needs to be maintained! Our bodies won't stay fit if we don't work them out, our cars won't stay running if we don't fuel them up or change the oil, our houses won't stay clean if we don't clean them. Such simple ideas that we all have to face on a regular basis with all of our worldly possessions and bodies. But what about maintaining our heart, our walk with Christ, our inner man that we consult with daily. How many people stop and think about the importance of this idea. How many people spend more time worrying about maintaining their looks, their status at work, a certain group of people, what their wearing and more. All of these things that have no eternal value are given so much, well, value. We value them, because we can see them. But what about the inside, the heart.

My goal of the series is to break down the idea of a man that maintains, otherwise called a Maintenance Man. Topics will consist of: The type of man; The necessary tools; The job; The quality of work; Never finished and the Bottom Line.

I am looking forward to a great year of blogging and I am excited to see what everyone else has in store for the new year! I hope you find the series interesting and challenging!


  1. I am looking forward to the journey. This is the great part of the internet.

    Next week I go back to teaching so I will have less time to follow and respond but I have followed and will look forward to what the Lord gives you to share.

    Grace and peace.

  2. I have the title of Worst Maintenance Man on earth. Help Me!

  3. A good follow up to this series would be: "Growing in Christ" Maintaining is the first step. Once we have that down growth is the next important step.

    I am looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!